Atin Building

Project name

Atin Building










2800 m2


Atin-Sazeh Co.

Design team

Babak Rostamian, Amin Moosavi, Zahra Badii, Saber Saeedi, Fatemeh Asgharzadeh, Vahid Jabbari

Although the project is capable of building one to six floors on the pilot in terms of municipal criteria, the permit for 11 floors on the pilot has been approved. The patio obtained to provide the maximum construction area is about 45 sqm, which with its 11-story height, not only does not provide light to the units, but also becomes a space that is encountered by the residents' thick curtains, and perhaps they subconsciously wish that the same window that opens to the patio only because of municipal regulations gave way to a wall.

Considering the possibility of providing a 12-story permit for the employer and also the eastern neighbor border, which is more than 60% + 2 meters of our building, the proposed border construction project in the southwest corner of the site is assumed to be 3 meters ahead and added to the patio space. In fact, part of the courtyard has been drawn into the building as a patio, and as a result, an open and slit-like space has emerged in the western facade, which does not resemble conventional patios, without reducing the area of ​​the building. This gap, like a vertical park-alley, answers partially the need for green, public and recreational spaces.

The adjoining buildings in our neighborhood do not leave room for breathing and the possibility of having a proper view of Farahzad mountains. The only permanent potential is a dead-end green alley in the west of the site, which leads to the edge of the Yadegar Imam Highway and acts as a tunnel of view.

The facade material is very simple and minimal and the interior of the patio is a bit more crowded and detailed; a space that not only is its image not tarnished, but also is completed by applying the personal taste of the residents.

The result is a public space for a certain number of residents, an alley on each floor, and a vertical alley throughout the complex. At the same time, the distance between the windows inside the patio has been observed due to the privacy of the residents. In addition, the combination of public and private spaces increases people's sense of belonging to the public space.